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Are Textbooks Being Phased Out in Favor of Classroom Tech?

Advancements in tech are always going to transform the way we approach various tasks and industries and education is by no means an exception. We’ve mentioned before the impact of classroom tech on how we teach, but today there’s a more specific change we want to address: the gradual but widespread shift from traditional textbooks… Read more >

How Far Are We From Truly Wireless Phone Charging Stations?

While we haven’t quite cracked the code on hover-boards, flying cars, or teleportation, modern companies have definitely made some impressive efforts towards another staple of Back to the Future-esque tech: wireless charging. Though, we say “efforts” because, as of today, wireless charging and wireless phone charging stations still haven’t completely phased out wired chargers. And… Read more >

10 iPhone Glitches and How to Fix Them

We decided it would be a good idea to update all of you with the most up to date iPhone glitches users are facing. We are all aware smartphones are beautifully crafted devices specifically designed to make our lives easier, but sometimes they just end up causing what seems to be an endless amount of frustration…. Read more >

Samsung Galaxy S10 Unpacked

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Unpacked Highlights

With Galaxy S phone announcements always happening early in the year and the wave of leaks leading up to hours before the event, Samsung’s S10 Unpacked hardly showcased anything we didn’t already see coming a mile away. Though that may be the case, however, that isn’t to say some seriously impressive and exciting tech wasn’t… Read more >

Shining a Light on Bacteria: How UV Light Sanitation Works

Since before the creation of penicillin, we as a species have continued to perfect and refine our approach towards sanitation. And while traditional disinfection methods such as cleaning with hot water, bleach, and other disinfectants have proved helpful, they never did end up truly eliminating all harmful germs and bacteria. Of course, innovation in the… Read more >

Tech in Motion + ChargeTech: Smart City Demos

Last night ChargeTech had the opportunity to partner with Tech In Motion for Smart City Demos, an event showcasing the latest tech in OC with a lineup of local companies demoing products. Tech In Motion has over 7,000 members in Orange County alone with persons coming from many different industries, so it was great to… Read more >

How Do You Know if You Need an iPhone Battery Replacement?

Near the end of 2017, Apple officially announced they were intentionally “throttling” battery performance on older phone models. Naturally, this resulted in a sudden hike in iPhone battery replacement numbers across many models.  This was done predominantly because of the lithium ion batteries that all iPhone’s came equipped with. And while these batteries are commonplace… Read more >

TheUnlockr Calls ChargeTech’s PPO the Best AC Outlet You Can Buy

TheUnlockr has dropped another video and, like we’ve come to expect, it’s another informative post backed by some serious production value. This time, however, he’s covering our 54,000 mAh Portable Power Outlet and we are beyond excited to hear he liked what he saw. Thanks for the shoutout, David! Like what David had to say… Read more >

Brick-And-Mortar: The Customer Experience

The digitization of shopping, along with the shift in customer buying behavior, has resulted in significant changes in the retail landscape. According to Morgan Kelleher of Forbes, customers nowadays have lower attention spans, shop on their mobile device first, use recommendations and conduct research prior to making a purchase. How Do You Embrace These Changes?… Read more >