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A graphic for the blog "How to Disinfect a Cell Phone with UV-C?" that shows a clip art uv-c bulb disinfecting a clip art cell phone

How to Disinfect a Cell Phone: Sanitize Your Phone Properly and Safely

Even before the rise of the covid-19 pandemic people needed an easy and effective way to properly disinfect cell phones. Following the pandemic, however, there is a heightened need to keep cell phones sanitized and clean which according to researchers are teeming with bacteria and microbes at any given moment. When was the last time… Read more >

An info graphic for the blog: what is juice jacking, are charging stations safe, that shows a cell phone being potentially invaded by cyber criminals

Juice Jacking: Are Public Phone Charging Stations Safe?

What is Juice Jacking? And how does it affect your smartphone when you plug it into a public phone charging station? If you have ever been out and about away from home or running errands, you’ve probably had your phone’s battery drain on you right when you needed it most. When this inconvenient situation arises,… Read more >

The logo for CleanCharge by ChargeTech, our line of UV Light Disinfection products

ChargeTech Introduces CleanCharge Line: Chemical-Free Disinfection Products for Classrooms and Enterprises [Press Release]

Introducing CleanCharge by ChargeTech ChargeTech, a leading provider of mobile device management solutions, today announced a new line of products, CleanCharge by ChargeTech, to address the need to keep workplaces, schools and businesses virus-free. As we return to schools and offices, CleanCharge offers a multi-product solution to keep tech devices charged, stored and clean with chemical-free… Read more >

Images shows the logos for iCleanse and ChargeTech

Press Release: ChargeTech Partners with iCleanse to License and Distribute its Patented, Chemical-Free UV-C Disinfection Products

Partnership Expands ChargeTech’s Product Line and iCleanse’s Availability Across the Americas, Europe and Middle East This press release was originally posted on MarketWatch.  ChargeTech, a leader in device management solutions, announces its partnership with iCleanse, the leader in UV-C personal device disinfection, expanding iCleanse’s UV-C disinfection product market reach across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle… Read more >

Graphic that showcases a 10 Bay uv light disinfection and charging cabinet charging and disinfecting 8 different 54k battery packs. The text of the image says: "UV-C + Portable Power Two-Step Hub Solution"

Portable Power + UV-C Hub Solution | Solution for a safe workplace

Schools, offices, and workplaces of all kinds are grappling with the challenge of returning to a sense of normalcy without endangering the health and safety of their students, coworkers, and employees.  ChargeTech’s Portable Power and UV-C Hub System is a critical solution to this challenging task. By pairing ChargeTech’s industry-leading suite of portable power products… Read more >

A graphic that says "Best Portable Power Packs" and has a picture of a ChargeTech 54K portable power outlet

Best Portable Power Outlets 2021

Portable Power Outlets: Now More than Ever Portable power is important. Advances in portable power have completely revolutionized the way people interact with and utilize technology. In the not-so-distant past, devices like phones and computers could only be used when connected to a wall-mounted AC outlet. However, with portable power technology improving by the day,… Read more >

ChillZ Mask with a ring of text around it that reads "ChillZ Face Mask with ViralOff. Sustainable, Comfortable, Antiviral"

Best Face Masks to Buy – 2021: ChillZ Face Mask with ViralOff

The Best Face Masks to buy for 2021 As we enter the second year of the Coronavirus pandemic, the best face masks on the market today have come a long way from the cut-up t-shirts and bandanas we were wearing several months ago. With recent advancements in facemask technology, along with greater research into the… Read more >

Multi-device charging station

Multi-Device Charging Stations

ChargeTech Charging Stations ChargeTech has been a leading provider of high-quality, affordable multi-device charging stations for over ten years. Our charging stations and other charging products utilize novel technology in elegant and cost-effective ways, making us among the most trusted name in the charging industry.  In this article, we will outline the different options of… Read more >