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UV laptop sanitizer

UV Disinfection and Education: UV Laptop Sanitizer Shown to Keep Classrooms Safer from Spread of Disease

Will school return in person this fall? Only with UV Disinfection.  With the 2020-2021 school year less than two months away, there is still a remarkable amount of uncertainty as to whether or not schools will be open in person this fall. The solution to this problem will not be universal. While the Federal Government… Read more >

portable power pack

5 Reasons Why We Love the 40K Portable Power Pack

ChargeTech Team Favorite – Portable Power Pack For the last 10 years, ChargeTech has been known for leading the way in portable power. From our low-profile Thin Charge cellphone battery cases all the way up to our behemoth 125K Power Station, ChargeTech customers have relied on our portable power packs for needs of all kinds.   Over this time, however, one product… Read more >


A Letter from the CEO: CleanCharge by ChargeTech- A New Partnership and a New Focus

June 7, 2020 Over the last few months, we have all become painfully aware of how vulnerable we are, as a society, to the spread of diseases in our schools, workplaces, and homes. Those of us in the technology world have been grappling with the realization that our essential technological devices like phones, tablets, portable… Read more >

Portable Power Outlet AM 27K 4.0

Father’s Day Gift Guide | 5 Must-Have Items for Dad This Year | Wireless Chargers to Portable Power

2020 Gift Guide  Father’s Day is coming up. We have compiled the ultimate gift-guide for every Dad this year. Our 2020 Father’s Day collection features some of our favorite products from wireless chargers to portable power units and battery packs.  Our sleek, stylish, and highly functional battery packs and power units make the perfect Father’s Day gifts…. Read more >

portable power

Work Outside, It’s Doctor’s Orders (How to stay safe this summer with portable power)

Higher Risk Indoors vs. Outdoors According to medical professionals, our risk of transmitting the Coronavirus is far greater indoors than it is outside. Researchers in China found that out of a survey of 318 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, only one had been transmitted outdoors. The vast majority of cases had been transmitted in homes, retail space, and… Read more >

ChargeTech Donates Over $10,000 to Center for Disaster Philanthropy - COVID 2

ChargeTech Donates Over $10,000 to Center for Disaster Philanthropy – COVID

During these times of widespread financial and personal uncertainty, we felt a need to give back as a company to support those most affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. At the beginning of April, we took action to raise money for the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s COVID-19 Response Fund by pledging to donate 25% of all… Read more >

ChargeTech Portable Power Solutions for the Post-COVID Workplace

The Post-COVID Workplace- 4 Strategies to Return to Work Safely

What Will It Take to Return to Work? As America begins to reopen society from the Coronavirus Pandemic, with restrictions and stay-at-home orders being lifted across the country, the question on everyone’s mind is what changes must we make to return to work safely and quickly?  Even after this pandemic is over, many aspects of… Read more >

ChargeTech Portable power emergency medical solution

ChargeTech Portable Power Units Offer Critical Solution to Emergency Medical Response Power Supply Problem

Strain on the Healthcare System As impromptu hospitals and mobile testing centers spring up around the world in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the challenge of accessing a reliable source of power has been a constant hurdle. ChargeTech portable power units can provide up to 125,000 mAh of battery capacity in portable rechargeable units, a… Read more >

Working remotely | ChargeTech

How to Stay Sane While Working From Home

8 tips to maximize your wellbeing and productivity while working remotely  As we all adjust to life under quarantine, those of us who are lucky enough to be working remotely have been faced with the challenge of how to stay both sane and productive after trading in the office for the living room. Without any… Read more >

Letter from the CEO

A letter from our CEO John Cappetta – Generous Optimism in Changing Times

In response to the severity of the Coronavirus Pandemic, our new CEO John Cappetta has announced that in the month of April, 25% of all profits will be donated directly to the COVID-19 Response Fund at the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP). ChargeTech will be providing direct relief and support to the most vulnerable communities… Read more >