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ChargeTech Portable Power Solutions for the Post-COVID Workplace

The Post-COVID Workplace- 4 Strategies to Return to Work Safely

What Will It Take to Return to Work? As America begins to reopen society from the Coronavirus Pandemic, with restrictions and stay-at-home orders being lifted across the country, the question on everyone’s mind is what changes must we make to return to work safely and quickly?  Even after this pandemic is over, many aspects of… Read more >

To Address Ventilator Shortage: CPAP Units with ChargeTech Power Packs may be used in minor cases of COVID-19

FDA Authorizes CPAP Use for COVID-19 Patients to Address Ventilator Shortage

Ventilator Shortage in US Hospitals The American healthcare system is currently under immense strain from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Hospitals across the country – particularly in the epicenter region of the tri-state area – are citing a dire shortage of hospital beds, basic medical supplies, and hospital-grade ventilators to address the needs of their patients. Due… Read more >

ChargeTech Portable power emergency medical solution

ChargeTech Portable Power Units Offer Critical Solution to Emergency Medical Response Power Supply Problem

Strain on the Healthcare System As impromptu hospitals and mobile testing centers spring up around the world in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the challenge of accessing a reliable source of power has been a constant hurdle. ChargeTech portable power units can provide up to 125,000 mAh of battery capacity in portable rechargeable units, a… Read more >

Working remotely | ChargeTech

How to Stay Sane While Working From Home

8 tips to maximize your wellbeing and productivity while working remotely  As we all adjust to life under quarantine, those of us who are lucky enough to be working remotely have been faced with the challenge of how to stay both sane and productive after trading in the office for the living room. Without any… Read more >

Letter from the CEO

A letter from our CEO John Cappetta – Generous Optimism in Changing Times

In response to the severity of the Coronavirus Pandemic, our new CEO John Cappetta has announced that in the month of April, 25% of all profits will be donated directly to the COVID-19 Response Fund at the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP). ChargeTech will be providing direct relief and support to the most vulnerable communities… Read more >

ChargeTech UV Charging Carts Helping to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace

How to Stay Healthy in the time of COVID-19 Protecting yourself against the spread of the Coronavirus starts with cleanliness and hygiene. At home, we can start by wiping down high touch surfaces such as phone screens, keyboards, and laptops with disinfectant wipes. This practice alone, along with regular washing of the hands, is an essential… Read more >

3 Reasons Why Disney Should Have Charging Stations

Tom Bricker at Disney Tourist Blog recently penned an article titled “We Don’t Recommend FuelRods”.  You can see Tom’s article here: It got us thinking.  After hours of discussion, and conclusions drawn from our own personal experiences (our office is 10 minutes from Disneyland), the powers that be at Disney should really consider adding… Read more >

ChargeTech- portable-power-outlet

How to charge multiple devices with ChargeTech portable power outlets

Made for speed and designed for durability, this pixel perfect power couple is lighter and faster than any other power source on the market. Charge whatever, wherever and however (AC 3-prong plug and dual USB phone charging ports). Backed by 365-day warranty, 5″ x 7.5″ godsend gadget is the perfect travel complain or on the… Read more >


Phone Charging Stations to Improve Business

Multi-device charging station, disinfecting carts and lockable cabinets for companies incorporating mobile technology into day to day operations to improve business.   How Mobile Technology Benefits Life & Business The use of mobile device technology in day to day business practices is changing the way we work and companies operate. From inventory management and product selection… Read more >

Portable Power Outlet for Camping

California offers more than scorching heat and the occasional delicious plate of tacos. It also provides some of the most jaw-dropping sights and views at any one of it’s hundreds of stunning campsites. And with 110 state parks, 9 national forests, 8 national parks and more in the sunny state, there’s a perfect location for… Read more >