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portable phone chargers for restaurants

What Makes the Best Portable Phone Chargers for Restaurants?

What Makes the Best Portable Phone Chargers for Restaurants? Restaurants are one of the great ways to experience human connection; going somewhere to eat food with a group of people is one of the quickest ways to make friends and have fun. As the pandemic lessens and restrictions on gatherings and businesses are loosened by… Read more >

A clip art image of a cellphone screen with many bacteria on it and some tiny workers trying to clean it off

Mobile UVC Surface Sterilizer for Today’s World

Do UVC Surface Sanitizers Work to Kill Pathogens?  In this day and age, UV-C Disinfecting Light is used to kill pathogens in all sorts of environments, including hospitals, restaurants, water treatment plants and many more. The technology has been used for decades to improve quality of life and maintain disinfection standards across a variety of… Read more >

ChargeTech & Washington Football Team Press Release

  ChargeTech and the Washington Football Team Partner to Bring Charging Stations to FedEx Field Suites ChargeTech is proud to partner with the Washington Football Team to bring quality and reliable charging solutions to keep fans satisfied during the 2021 Football NFL season. To give fans an effective solution for charging their devices, the Washington… Read more >

Why You Need a Hospital Phone Charging Station

Why You Need a Hospital Phone Charging Station Indisputably, hospitals save lives, particularly during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, where hospitals and the front-line workers who take care of patients remain more important than ever. Their safety and comfort must be prioritized as they perform life saving work over the course of this devastating… Read more >

An image of a customer paying with their cell phone at an electronic cash register.

Why You Need to Offer Smart Device Charging Station to Your Customers

Why You Need to Offer Smart Device Charging Station to Your Customers In this day and age, your cellphone is your access point for everything; communication with your family, getting directions for where you need to go, discovering current news and anything else that might be integral to your day. For many, the smartphone is… Read more >

Cell Phone Charging Station Classroom

Cell Phone Charging Station – Classroom

Cell Phone Charging Station for the Classroom Mobile electronics like cell phones, tablets and laptops have become increasingly important in the classroom setting, where much of the homework/classwork takes place on an electronic device rather than on pen and paper. Even though for many years cellphones were prohibited for use in high schools and colleges,… Read more >

A graphic posing the question "Does UV-C Light Disinfect?" and showing a clip art photo of a laptop with germs and bacteria on the screen

UV-C Light Disinfection, Does UV Light Disinfect?

UVC Light Disinfection: The Future of Cellphone Disinfection Few things have revolutionized the process of disinfecting cellphones and electronics quite as much as UVC Light Disinfection. As cellphone technology has advanced over the last two decades, smartphone usage has risen significantly, to the point where seemingly everyone owns a cellphone. This makes things like keeping… Read more >

A graphic posing the question "UV Light Disinfection Machines: Are they safe for electronic devices?" and showing a picture of a UV-C bulb shedding uv light on a cell phone and a laptop

The UV Disinfection Machine: Are They Safe For Electronic Devices?

UV Disinfection Machines: Changing the Way We Disinfect In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, interest in cellphone disinfection rose to an all time high around the world. Even cellphone manufacturers felt the need to weigh in, with Apple releasing updated guidelines on what to do and not to do while disinfecting your device early… Read more >

Info graphic for the blog, "What is a UV Disinfection system," featuring clip art of a UV disinfection bulb

What is a UV Disinfection System?

What is a UV Disinfection System?  Each year, rates of cell phone usage continually increase. Almost all Americans reportedly own cell phones and use them on a regular basis. However, the statistic is much lower for Americans who regularly disinfect and clean their cellphones, despite the fact that making sure your cellphone is disinfected and… Read more >