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10 Tips For What To Do When You’re Stranded At The Airport

I recently found myself stranded in the Philadelphia airport. The airport rolled out cots for travelers who were unable to book a hotel but I found myself at a loss when it came to keeping my phone and iPad charged.   Keep the following tips in mind to survive your stay at the airport. 1. […]

Can You Bring Your Lithium Battery on a Plane? How to Check.

can you bring your lithium battery on a plane?

Leg cramps, wailing children, delays, there are loads of reasons air travel can leave us tossing and turning the night before our trip. The last thing you need added to that list is a confiscated battery pack. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to check whether or not you can bring your lithium battery […]

Top 5 Tips for Phone Charging at Coachella 2019

coachella charging

Coachella 2019 is right around the corner. Soon, you’ll be listening to booming tunes, spotting celebrities, and posting feature-film length instagram stories that’ll be the envy of your friend groups. Unfortunately, phone charging at Coachella can often be a trying process.  The music festival is a breeding ground for lasting memories and experiences, but, If […]

How Portable Power Banks Make Us Smarter, Safer, and Greener

Until the next big breakthrough in energy acquisition, we as a species will continue to depend on power. More specifically, we’ll continue to rely on the grid. “The grid” is an interconnected network used to deliver electricity from producers to consumers. It consists of power generation stations, transmission lines that bring power to demand centers, […]

Is This What Healthcare Technology Looks Like in 2022?

healthcare professional

The healthcare industry is changing. Technology is influencing how patients interact with doctors, how nurses interface with patients, and how tech devices communicate with other systems throughout the hospitalization process. The George Washington University, School of Business wrote an article about this change in healthcare and what we can expect as it unfolds. “Technological advancements […]

7 Ways to Fix the iPhone Battery Glitch

charging station

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. You’re using the phone you painstakingly and lovingly charged overnight, it’s sitting at a healthy 80-90%, and you take your eyes off that battery readout for one second. You bring your eyes back and, lo and behold, you’re looking at 70, sometimes 60%. The iPhone battery glitch […]

Galaxy Fold VS Mate X: Who Folds Under the Pressure?


2019 is slated to be an exciting year for smartphones. Only a few months in and, instead of opting for the same designs and features we’ve seen hundreds of times before, 2 companies have decided to take a sharp left turn. We all knew folding phones were on the way, but Samsung and Huawei have […]

Retail Technology Solutions: Taking a Lead Over Online Shopping


Advancements in technology can be exciting to some and soul-crushing to others. In the face of a juggernaut in the form of online retailers like Amazon, many smaller retailers who can’t afford an online operation may feel like they’re being slowly pushed towards obsolescence. But, should you consider some more innovative retail technology solutions, those […]

Product Spotlight: The New S10 Power Floor Stand Charging Station

charging station

Power is a must no matter the time, place, or industry. If you’re a business-owner, understanding and fulfilling that need for your guests can give you a significant edge over your competition. That need for reliable charging outside of the home is what made our Floor Stand Charging Station resoundingly popular. Furthermore, it’s the same […]

Are Textbooks Being Phased Out in Favor of Classroom Tech?

textbooks and tech

Advancements in tech are always going to transform the way we approach various tasks and industries and education is by no means an exception. We’ve mentioned before the impact of classroom tech on how we teach, but today there’s a more specific change we want to address: the gradual but widespread shift from traditional textbooks […]