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15 iPhone Charging and Battery Issues

Increase the Long-Term Battery Life of Your Phone With the addition of iOS 9, iPhone 6/6S, and the iPhone 6/6S Plus, battery life was expected to be increased. However, that is not the case despite the larger phone size. The iPhone 6 has a 1810mAh battery compared to the 1560mAh battery in the iPhone 5S…. Read more >

Series 5 “Always-On” Apple Watch Review, Apple Watch Charging and Battery Life

Why buy the latest Apple Watch Series 5? If you are looking to upgrade your Series 3 or 4 Apple Watch the biggest feature improvement is always-on. Thanks to the LTPO (low-temperature polysilicon oxide) a hardware upgrade on the series 5, the watch can show a dimmed watch face or another screen on your wrist… Read more >

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7 Ways to Fix the iPhone Battery Glitch

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. You’re using the phone you painstakingly and lovingly charged overnight, it’s sitting at a healthy 80-90%, and you take your eyes off that battery readout for one second. You bring your eyes back and, lo and behold, you’re looking at 70, sometimes 60%. The iPhone battery glitch… Read more >

How Do You Know if You Need an iPhone Battery Replacement?

Near the end of 2017, Apple officially announced they were intentionally “throttling” battery performance on older phone models. Naturally, this resulted in a sudden hike in iPhone battery replacement numbers across many models.  This was done predominantly because of the lithium ion batteries that all iPhone’s came equipped with. And while these batteries are commonplace… Read more >

3 Of the Most Popular Phone Battery Myths Debunked

The inner workings of phone batteries have remained a mystery to casual users for many years and there’s no surprise as to why. With so many debates and conflicting opinions online about the best practices for a phone’s battery life, learning how to care for your battery can feel like you’re simply riding fads until… Read more >

Battery Saving Tips: The Unspoken Truth About Top Rated Apps

If you’re an avid smartphone user, there’s a good chance you ran into battery problems now and again, especially when you needed that battery life to look up a restaurant, post on social media, or needed to make that quick call! Apps are at the tips of our fingers. They’re ubiquitous and the good ones… Read more >