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Why an Emergency Charger Should Be Part of Your Mobile Emergency Backup Kit

An emergency charger can literally be a lifesaver in the event of an accident. Driving is a mundane routine, but a small crash or a wrong turn can have dangerous consequences without proper preparation. An emergency backup kit can be essential during such a crisis, especially when it includes an emergency charger. When Larry Magid… Read more >


“Internet of Things” Will Change the Way You Shop

Connecting the Virtual World with the Physical World Everywhere you look, you see somebody on their mobile phone. From shopping and snapchatting, to texting and tweeting, people live on their phones. It’s disrupting every aspect of life and the way businesses interact with their customers. Whether we like it or not, a person’s mobile phone is the future of e-commerce,… Read more >

Wireless Charging Stations at Starbucks

  NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Apr. 13, 2015 To say that people today are strongly attached to their mobile devices is an understatement. These devices are more than a phone and more than a computer now, these mobile devices have literally become people’s entire lives. With the high speed growing of technology, the people face a… Read more >

How to Keep Your Phone Charged at Airports

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recently implemented a new rule which requires all passengers to turn on their carry-on devices (cellphones, tablets, and laptops) before boarding a plane. Devices that don’t power on will not be allowed to leave with the original owner. The rule takes effect for all passengers planning to fly to… Read more >

Wireless Charging Table

Coffee Shop Wireless Phone Charging

The world of wireless charging is beginning to see a bit of stability. Eventually, everyone will be able to simply use a wireless table top charging station to recharge our batteries almost instantly. Two of the leading wireless charging competitors are now in agreement to streamline their processes. The Power Matters Alliance, or PMA, and… Read more >

New In-Store Phone Charging Technology Keeps Shoppers Shopping

Retailers suffer pains when they see their hard earned customers walk right out of the door before making a purchase simply because the customer’s phone lost its charge. It is something that happens all too often and many retailers are experiencing a significant loss of business because of it. There used to be not much… Read more >

Charge your Phone in your Favorite Mall

          Aventura Mall is a community located in Florida. It is the second indoor mall most visited of all the United States. The customers visit it for many reasons, but mostly because of all its conveniences. One of the latest amenities is charging stations for mobile phones.        … Read more >

Bicycle Phone Charger Works on Mountain Bike Trail

Ever heard of the BIke2Power phone charger? This is another cool option on working to recycle the kinetic energy from your bicycle – A cool alternative to ChargeAll. How is it used? The Bike3Power harnesses the energy of your ride to power the mobile/mp3 devices while cycling. The bicycle charger allows the charging of smartphones,… Read more >

It’s a Grind Coffee and Cheesecake Factory Charging Station Locations

Both It's a Grind Coffee and The Cheesecake Factory are two of the latest Orange County restaurants to hop on the ChargeAll train. CHOO! CHOO! Why you might ask? How many times a day do you use your cell phone? What do you use your cell phone for? We can bet it's not just talking… Read more >

Nightclub & Bar Show – Free Cell Phone Charging Stations

ChargeAll was happy to provide free cell phone charging stations for the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas. The average Americans spends 2.7 hours a day socializing on their cell phone. Did you also know that 43% of users are willing to give up Beer for a smartphone? Check out our article on cell… Read more >


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