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Portable Power Outlets Are the Next WiFi for the Hospitality Industry

Portable power outlets may just be the next big technology in the hospitality industry. Smartphone usage has already reshaped the industry, and while companies are better at keeping customers and employees connected with WiFi, fewer organizations take low battery anxiety seriously by offering the convenience of portable power outlets. According to Hospitality Trendz, while traditional… Read more >

Brick-And-Mortar: The Customer Experience

The digitization of shopping, along with the shift in customer buying behavior, has resulted in significant changes in the retail landscape. According to Morgan Kelleher of Forbes, customers nowadays have lower attention spans, shop on their mobile device first, use recommendations and conduct research prior to making a purchase. How Do You Embrace These Changes?… Read more >

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Store Display Charging Stations & The Future of the Retail Industry

Store display charging stations are part of the future of retail businesses, which will blend the best of online shopping and brick and mortar. Such specialized customer experience touches will be key to their success. If you read the business section of any newspaper, you’ll stumble across articles claiming that the brick and mortar retail… Read more >

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Why an Emergency Charger Should Be Part of Your Mobile Emergency Backup Kit

An emergency charger can literally be a lifesaver in the event of an accident. Driving is a mundane routine, but a small crash or a wrong turn can have dangerous consequences without proper preparation. An emergency backup kit can be essential during such a crisis, especially when it includes an emergency charger. When Larry Magid… Read more >

Healthcare Charging Stations

Healthcare Charging Stations: Delivering Value & Convenience

Charging stations are becoming increasingly invaluable within the healthcare industry, offering stress-free charging of electronics and equipment for patients, visitors, and employees alike. Whether someone is waiting to be attended to or awaiting an update on a loved one, the waiting room at the hospital, clinic, or emergency room can be a drag—we’ve all been… Read more >

Best Hotel Guest Amenity? Cell Phone Charging Stations

Ranked #1 In-Room Hotel Technology The American Hotel & Lodging Association states that hotel owners and executives ranked universal cell phone chargers at the top of their list for ‘most popular room technology implementation’. Free Wi-Fi isn’t enough. Now more than ever, hotel guests expect technology-based amenities to support their gadget-loving lifestyles. The perfect hotel… Read more >