Our Core Values

Be Productive

We want to move the needle each and every day. We’re always looking for new ways to grow ChargeTech and do things better. At ChargeTech, it’s more about your output than how many hours you spend in the office.

Be Profitable

At the end of the day, we’re a team. This means we win and lose as a team. Everyone contributes to the success of ChargeTech and no one person is a superstar or an island.

Be Excellent

We’re not satisfied with the status quo, and we’re always raising the standards for ourselves. We believe our power lies in the ability to move fast and innovate while others deliberate.

Be Honest

We strive to seek and share the truth; both internally and with our customers. We believe in a culture where honesty is rewarded and transparency is encouraged. If you need help, let the team know and we’ll come to your aid.

Focus on Customers

Without our customers we have no business. They’re the ones that allow us to keep innovating and growing. Our longterm goal is to have lifelong, happy customers that share their experience with friends and family.

Be Happy

We try to create an environment that nurtures everyone’s strengths, allowing them to excel in the areas they’re passionate about. It’s an open door policy here, if something is bothering you or you want to try something new, let us know.

A Global Leader

Providing Charging Stations and Portable Power to Organizations and Consumers

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ChargeTech is a highly profitable technology startup with a mission of bringing mobile power and charging products to the connected world. As featured on NBC, Discovery Channel and Mashable, we are creators of phone charging solutions for the home and business, as well as some of the smallest and most powerful portable power products in the market. Notable clients including the Hilton, McDonald’s, Harvard University and Four Seasons. We are also doubling in size every year, so it’s a really good time to join us.