Apple’s new Wireless Charger Patent

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Today in the “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” Department, we have Apple’s new Wireless Charger….the patent, that is.  Of course it’s not even available yet so, in the interim you might want to pick up one of our phone charging pads.

You’re no doubt aware that they’ve changed the number of pins on their connector port. Whereas it used to be 30 pins…now it’s only nine pins.  This applies to their recently announced Apple iPhone 5 and the still very popular iPod touch music player.

Of course Apple usually doesn’t offer the general public much, if any, explanation on whey they do these things but the general consensus of opinion among Apple watchers seems to be that they just plan to phase out the 30 pin adapter because it’s bigger and heavier than the new, considerably small and faster “Lightning” connector.

This will no doubt be construed by some people as ‘planned obsolescence by Apple just for profit’s sake but it could very well be the fact that Apple really is about ‘getting things right’ even when it means making changes.

Where this new changer creates problems is for people who already have a lot of other Apple accessories.  Sure, you could fork over the money for their new “Lightning to 30-pin Adapter”.  $30 isn’t too much to ask…..or is it?

Well….maybe it isn’t but times are tough for lots of people today and their might be a less costly solution on the horizon.

US Patent office watchers and Apple watchers have noticed that Apple was recently awarded a patent for a new wireless charger option that would be universal to not only all Apple devices but other devices’ IOS devices as well.

We’re referring to US Patent No. 8,280,465.  This patent is listed as for a ‘wireless adapter interface between an accessory and a device”.  As it reads, this technology would make it possible, without regard for the number of their connector pin count, to wirelessly connect all their Apple phones, players and other gadgets, as well as those of any other product manufacturer which uses the iOS system and 30 pin adapter.

Sounds pretty cool, eh?

The patent document outlines how the new adapter will have a built-in wireless transmitter that “can communicate signals between the accessory and the portable media player.”  The device also accommodates incompatibility problems with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Looks like they’ve thought of everything, doesn’t it?

The patent goes on to further outline how, via a wireless interface, one could connect a portable electronic device with any other portable electronic device (examples: iPads with portable wireless speaker systems) simply by translating the protocols between the two devices.

It certainly sounds very nice and no doubt a lot of people wish it was available now…but it’s not.  In fact, Apple has said nothing about it publicly at all.  But it sure does sound like a popular device if it ever hit’s the shelf, don’t you think?

Maybe Apple is really looking out for our interests after all….do you think that could be the reason?  In the meantime, until they do come out with whatever this patent suggests they’re thinking about, we’ve got a nifty little mix of products for Apple fans over on our site too.  Check them out here on our products page and enjoy our entire line of universal cell phone chargers.

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