Apple won’t be Offering a Wireless Charger for iPhone 5 Anytime Soon

iphone5-charger-wirelessThe new iPhone 5 is a true masterpiece with countless features and specs that make any smartphone lover squeal like a 12 year old girl in excitement. It is the latest model in a long line of truly spectacular iPhones that have revolutionized the cellphone market and made Apple a leader in the industry, but the one thing the Apple phone won’t have anytime soon is a wireless charger for iPhone 5. Why you might ask? Well, according to Apple it just isn’t that easy to create a wireless charger for iPhone 5 that is yet unproven on how convenient it is to the iPhone user.

Like with a few other recent smartphone releases such as the Nokia Lumina 920, wireless chargers have become a fairly popular option for the busy smartphone owner looking to charge their phone wirelessly, forgoing the hassle of dealing with twisted cords that just make charging a little bit harder. However, Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller has stated that with a wireless charging station you still have to plug something into the wall to actually be able to wirelessly charge a phone, making the issue of whether the charging system would actually be easy and convenient a little murky. For Apple, the process of making a separate wireless charger for iPhone 5 would take a great deal of time, effort and complication that as of yet seems to be a great deal of effort for something that maybe not even be truly a convenience to their customers.

The truth is that like with any phone charging dock system there is the initial task of connecting the phone to the charger such as a USB cord or a outlet charger, but at least with a wireless charging station all the person would have to do it plug in the charging device to an outlet and continuously keep it one spot, allowing the person to simply place the phone on the charger and go about their day when they needed to charge the phone. As of right now balancing convenience with the inherent complications of creating a wireless charger for Apple just doesn’t seem like it is worth the effort and so Apple won’t be offering a wireless charger for iPhone 5 anytime soon. Whether a wireless charging station is in the iPhone 5’s future remains to be seen, maybe once Apple has perfected how the system would work and determined how convenient it would be to iPhone users overall.

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