CleanCharge by ChargeTech

The Worlds First Portable Power Outlet with Antimicrobial Protection

CleanCharge by ChargeTech

Last month, our CEO John Cappetta revealed that we were in the process of delivering a new collection of antimicrobial and UV-C focused products, CleanCharge by ChargeTech. Today, we are happy to announce the official release of this new collection with the arrival of our latest product, the AM 27K Portable Power Outlet. This groundbreaking product, wrapped in a germicidal film to protect your device from harboring harmful bacteria and viruses, is the first product to be released under our CleanCharge label and the world’s first portable power outlet (PPO) to come standard with antimicrobial protection.

Antimicrobial Portable PowerThe AM 27K PPO. Available for preorder now.

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Portable Power with Antimicrobial Protection

The AM 27K PPO is the fourth generation of our best-selling 27K Portable Power Outlet. This customer-favorite is one of the most compact PPO’s on the market to feature an AC outlet. This highly portable yet highly functional portable power pack can charge computers, cameras, cell-phones, or tablets for approximately 4 hours.

This next-generation product comes with an increased output of 100 Watts via the AC outlet, a fast-charging USB-C output, a redesigned minimalistic aluminum body, and of course, cutting edge antimicrobial protection.

We designed this product in consultation with our valued enterprise clients in education and beyond to help make today’s classrooms and workplaces safer places to be. As we transition to safer models of schooling and working in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic — from outdoor classrooms to hybrid working schedules — portable power has proven to be an essential step in allowing for greater flexibility on behalf of students and workers alike.

If you are interested in learning more about the important role portable power is playing in transforming the classroom model, you can download the whitepaper titled, Portable Power and Education, on our enterprise page.

As discussed in that whitepaper, our customers in education and beyond are utilizing portable power solutions to facilitate socially distanced working configurations. The flexibility provided by portable power products allows the user to work for hours on end without access to a wall outlet, empowering organizations to configure themselves in safer and more flexible working arrangements.

It is imperative that the technology which allows for this distanced working is not itself a source of contamination. That is why we are proud to bring to market the first-ever portable power outlet with antimicrobial protection. The antimicrobial film encasing the AM 27K PPO provides always-on defense against microbes, bacteria, and viruses, obstructing the chain of transmission of harmful diseases.

The AM 27K PPO is available for preorder now and is set to ship on Thursday, August 27th. 

To learn more about the antimicrobial technology employed on the AM 27K PPO, please check out the CleanCharge webpage today.

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UV-C disinfectionChargeTech’s best-selling UV-C Clean and Charge Carts. An expanded offering of next-generation CleanCharge branded UV-C products coming soon.

Next Generation UV-C Products

Aside from our all-new antimicrobial portable power packs, the CleanCharge label will feature our next generation of UV-C disinfection products.

As more and more of our enterprise clients have turned to our UV-C solutions in recent months to help protect their personal electronic devices from the spread of bacteria and viruses, we have been working with our internal team of experts and strategic partners to deliver a next generation of UV-C products that meets the highest standards of disinfection.

In this coming line of products, we will be delivering a higher dose of UV-C light per sq. inch thanks to improved UV-C diode technology in order to maximize UV-C exposure and minimize shadows and gaps in coverage.

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To learn more about the technology behind this new collection and more information on the AM 27 PPO, check to the CleanCharge webpage here.

Please reach out to a ChargeTech team member to get a free quote or request any additional information.

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