The 6 Best Super Bowl Apps You Need Installed Before Sunday

2019 has had a moment to settle in and the time has come for one of the year’s first and most sacred of events.

That’s right, the Super Bowl has just about arrived and whether you’re looking forward to the commercials, the food, or the game itself, a little prep-work can make this coming Sunday one for the books. And while thoughts of buffalo wings, nachos, and chili are already dancing across our minds, the “apps” that’ll truly make the difference this Sunday are the ones on your phone.

Lame puns aside, be sure to have these 6 Super Bowl Apps primed and ready come game day and don’t let a single distraction take you away from the action.

Unless your team is losing really, REALLY bad.


friends watching sports on a laptop

If you’re one to only sift through the highlights during a game, or even if you simply like sharing your favorite moments with others, Clippit can help scratch a number of your metaphorical itches. The app allows you to search for any live television show or program on the air and cut memorable moments simply by selecting a start and end time for your desired clip.

Of course, the app allows you to dice up everything from shows and movies, to, yes, even sporting events. Its interface even allows you to seamlessly post your clips on a number of social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Of course, Clippit does not stream or retransmit programs. So don’t go thinking the app is a substitute for a television and a provider plan.

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NFL Mobile

woman using smartphone

Surprising no one, the official NFL Mobile app is a must-have for anyone looking to scream at televised football players this Sunday. If you’re a customer of Verizon, Charter, or any other company that provides access to the NFL Network, you can watch the game live through the app on your phone. Not only that, it also provides highlights, stories, and even up-to-the-minute scoring so you’re never out of the loop for even a moment.

The app even offers access to the NFL Shop store so you can quickly pick up a jersey from the winning team and claim you were rooting for them the whole time!

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friends watching football with beer

Moving away from the actual game, if you’re hosting a gathering at your place for the broadcast, you’re going to need some food and, most importantly, some drinks. Enter Drizly. A pretty innovative app in many regards, Drizly lets you shop from multiple local stores for a jaw-dropping selection of beer, liquor, wine, and pretty much any other kind of drink you could imagine.

Of course, you can also compare prices between the stores and choose between delivery or on-site pickup. And if you aren’t located somewhere where Drizly can quickly deliver, you can even take advantage of their 2-3 day shipping from anywhere in the states. Always nice to know you can make a quick order to placate that snob who thinks they know the perfect pairing for their game-time snacks.

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sports bar

Watching the game at the bar can either be a fun departure from sitting at home or it can be a begrudging compromise some without a television are forced to make. Fortunately for those hoping to actually hear the game while they’re out, Tunity has you covered. Using the app’s scanning feature, you can deliver a live audio feed from any television straight to your phone.

The developers of the app are also constantly improving the scanning function as well, so you can enjoy your shows in peace and clarity no matter where the tv is stationed!

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fans watching football

We live in a world where sports fans can be just as “nerdy” and number-focused as the next guy. If you and your group tend to enjoy the statistical side of football, Odds consolidates all of the information you need in one convenient app.

Scores, injury reports, spreads, you name it and Odds delivers. The app even lets you customize its layout so you only see the information you care about most. The actual numbers are pulled from over 50 different sportsbooks so you can rest easy knowing the findings are logically founded and sound. Whether or not you bet and place your money accordingly is up to you.

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The Mindfulness App

man in office meditating

If there’s one thing Super Bowl Sunday is known for aside from the food and festivities, it’s the sheer, unadulterated anger that comes with being on the losing side. Got a temper or a friend who gets a little too red in the face when their team is on the retreat? The Mindfulness App can help calm those football freakouts. With seamless health app integration, their guided exercises are designed to free your mind of negative emotions and remind you that this is still just a game.

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Regardless of where and with whom you’re watching the Super Bowl, the grand objective of this Sunday is to sit back and have some fun. Keep your phone charged and stocked with a few of these apps and you’re sure to share some timeless memories regardless of who ends up taking the win!