15 Common iPhone Charging And Battery Issues Resolved with iOS

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With the addition of iOS and a larger screen size, battery life was expected to be increased. However, that is not the case despite the larger phone size. The smaller iPhone has a 1810mAh battery compared to the 1560mAh battery in the iPhone 5S. What may not come as a surprise is the 2915mAh battery in the larger phone sizes.

iOS may not have the best battery life, but now you will be able to see a breakdown of which apps are using the most amount of battery:

Go into  Settings --> General --> Usage --> Battery Usage.

With this open, you will now be able to see a ranking of all the apps that were open since your last charge and how much battery it has drained by percentage (%). You will be able to see the data in the last 24 hours or even the last week. Under the App name you may see “Background Activity.” This means the app will drain your battery even if you do not have it open. This may result from automatic updates or email updates. (Look below on tips on how to turn these iPhone settings off). The easiest way to charge your phone is at phone charging station. If you’re ever at an event, trade show, conference or music festival, ask the event organizer, hopefully they have rentals for phone charging stations.

We’re dedicated to helping people solve their cellphone battery issues and have compiled a list of the top 15 common iPhone battery problems. If you want a quicker response, post on our facebook page. We are a growing community dedicated to all of your charging needs. Come ask questions, join our contests, or just say hello!

Here’s a list of the 10 most common questions we’ve been asked:

1. How do I stop Facebook auto play from draining my phone battery?

Facebook can be one of the most destructive apps on your phone. As a default setting, videos will auto play as you are scrolling through your feed. The videos that play will drain the battery and even use data when Wi-Fi is not available. Who knew one of the most downloaded 3rd party apps in the AppStore could be this dangerous! Luckily, its a quick fix:

Go into  Settings --> Facebook --> Settings--> Auto-play --> choose “Wi-Fi only” or “Off.”

To save every bit of battery, I would suggest “Off.” With this setting, videos will only play when you choose.


2. The iPhone charging tip gets easily disconnected when moving around.

It’s most likely either the contact, wire, or the build of the cable. You can easily buy a new iPhone or Micro USB charger here. A second option is to bring your cable into the Apple store within a reasonable length of time from purchase (about 60-70 days), they’re usually happy to replace it. Talk about excellent customer service.

* Tips: If you have Apple-care on your phone, they’ll do it for two years from the date of purchase. If you are no longer under Apple’s warranty, use this opportunity to try our portable external battery.


3. I receive an error saying “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.”

The issue could either be:

1) The charger, and you should purchase a replacement

2) The charging port, which you could also replace yourself

Since the latest update, all lightning cables that are not MFi certified may not charge your iPhone. To avoid future headaches, make sure your cable is certified and it will always charge. Although it could be the cable’s fault, it is probably Apple’s update that locks down counterfeit cables that is the issue. Bring your iPhone with you when you buy a cable and try it as soon as you walk out the store. If you don’t want to wait until home, attach the cable to our portable charger and see if your phone chargers.

* Tips: Try charging your phone with another charger, and if it works, buy a new charger. If it doesn’t, try try cleaning it with compressed air. Sometimes dirt can mess up the connection between the device and charging device. 


4. After upgrading to iOS, the battery life decreased on my iPhone.

Updating software on your phone will not always increase battery life. In fact, the iOS 8 update decreased battery life on the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPad 4, and iPad mini Retina.Use the standard battery saving tips for every iPhone (decrease your brightness, turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location services when not in use, and cycle through your battery in full at least once a month).

This is when accessories will come in handy. Check out our Portable Power Outlet which can charge any device on the go. Even your laptop!

5. The battery life only becomes better after I restore my iPhone and re-download all of the apps.

There are two terms which you should know pertaining to resetting your phone:

1. Soft  Reset: To soft reset your iPhone, hold down the power button and home button until your phone shuts off. To turn it back on, hold the power button. If you just got your iPhone 6 and are experiencing battery issues, a simple soft reset can fix issues in the software.

2. Hard Reset: A hard reset is more extreme than a soft reset. To initiate a hard reset:

Go into  Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset all Settings OR Erase all Content and Settings

A hard reset is never recommended because it can delete all of your information. Because of this, be sure to back up all of your files.


6. How do I turn off the parallax effect?

Parallax is the effect of seamless scrolling and transitions. It may look pretty, but it won’t help you get through the day on just one charge.  Just turn it off.


Go into  Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> Deselect Reduce Motion.


7. How do I turn off auto App update?

You can manually update your apps and save battery life by doing the following to turn off auto app updates.

Go into Settings --> iTunes & App Store --> Scroll down to Automatic Downloads and deselect: Music, Apps, Updates, and Use Cellular Data


8. How do I turn off background app refresh?

Background app allows applications to refresh themselves while they are in the background. Turning this off allows your apps to refresh only when you select them.

Go into Settings --> General --> Turn off Background App.


9. How do I turn off AirDrop?

Airdrop is Apple’s newest feature that allows users to share files to other iOS users within the same wifi zone. Have no intentions of ever using it? Turn it off:

Go to Control Center -->Turn off AirDrop.


10. Why doesn’t my Wifi or Bluetooth work?

iOS8 has given users issues with their wifi and bluetooth so we recommend a restart, reset or worst case, a restore.

To Reset:

You can reset all of your settings back to factory default, which means all the prior changes you’ve made prior will be gone. You will have to turn off all of the battery consuming settings mentioned above after resetting

Go to  Settings --> General --> Reset

To Restore:

This should be your last resort to fix network issues as you will have to manually re-sync your data back after a complete wipe and restore.

In iTunes, click on Summary and then Restore to convert the iPhone back into its factory settings.

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40 thoughts on “15 Common iPhone Charging And Battery Issues Resolved with iOS

  1. Liam says:

    thankyou for posting this. My iPhone 5C that i have had for about a year now has huge battery issues. when i plug it in it will either charge in 5 seconds, from the dead screen as i call it. or it will take 4-5 hours to even power up. it sometimes does not give me battery warnings and will die from 100% in about 10 minutes. i would like to ask you what i should do about this?

  2. Cleyderossana says:

    I brought my iPhone 5s today (19th dec) last year. now when my original charger broke back in April, I brought loads of different compatible chargers which did not last long. 2 weeks ago, another compatible charger broke. I tried to use my friends charger, which is also a compatible charger but it didn’t work either, but on his phone its works fine. so I go to a phone store, not apple and I ask the guy what’s going on, he also tries to put another compatible charger but it doesn’t work, and he gives me the original apple charger which he uses in store and that works fine on my phone. I pay half price for it and I’m happy. now the wire charges extremely slow and my battery drains faster than normal, so I think F*** it, I’m just going to buy an original apple charger from the apple store. now I go to the apple store explain to the guy what’s happening and he says yeahyeah buy a new charger, so I buy anew ORIGINAL APPLE CABLE, now when I get home the charger doesn’t work!!!! so I go back on the same day and ask the guy WTF, he tries the charger on his phone& it works fine, tries it on mine and nothing, he then goes round the back and tries my phone on HIS CHARGER FROM HOME, and he says it works….I don’t know what is wrong with my phone.

    I had dropped it in the loo before, but it stayed in rice for 24 hours and when turned back on everything worked fine, the battery everything, so I don’t know what it could be. PLEASEPLEASE HELP!!!

  3. PURAN SINGH says:

    i have iphone 4s, when i was update my phone ios 8, after this my phone is not charge properly, bacttery backup is very less, battery charge up to 65% only. please suggest what i can do for this. please help me.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Puran Singh

  4. Hameed Hasik says:

    Dear sir

    Good day
    I have iPhone 4s is on 8.1.1 when I was update my phone is work but unfortunately the next day my phone not charging but I switched off my phone it will be charged 100% BUT charge not stand long time please solve my problem and advice me it will be helpful for me I love my iPhone please help me

    Thanking you
    Hameed Hasik

  5. yaz says:

    Till Yesterday phone battery backup was good as well as charging also good but suddenly today when phone was switched off it’s not able to start charging. what can that be ??????????????

  6. Tiffany Smith says:

    I have had my I-phone 5s for about 3 months, and I have already had to buy a new charger! It is not charging now, unless I unplug it about 10 times and plug it back in and one time out of the ten times of doing this it finally charges! It is very annoying! And I don’t know what to do about it! Is it just my phone or does this happen all the time!

  7. imtiyaz says:

    I am able to charge my 4s iphone .It is fully down now.When connecting to ccharging only apple icon is displaying and continuing same process (light coming and going) Still iphone in dead condition.Kindly suggest me what shall i do further.

  8. Vishal says:

    Hello when I starting my iphn 4 even that it is on at that time bt it shw not charging bt when I turn off it and pluged and after sometimes I see that it got charged …. What is reason

  9. Zach says:

    I just upgraded my iphone 5 to ios 8. I’m having a problem with my truck charging… I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado.

    My wife has a 5c with ios 8 and she can plug into the truck charger no problem.

    My phone will charge on the same cable when its plugged into an outlet. But when its plugged into the truck it won’t connect to the truck and it wont charge.

    Any thoughts?

  10. Alphadine williams says:

    I upgraded from my 4s to 5s In september, so the handset it fairly new. For about a week now I have been experiencing problems with charging it. When I charge it, it says that it’s charging but the percentage never increases. I tried soft resetting it and hard resetting it, it works for a while but I have to keep doing it in order for it to charge. The only time it will fully charge is when I leave it alone for a long period of time for it to reach 100%. I got a replacement charger from the Apple Store it and it worked but it’s back to square one again. I don’t know if it’s the actual phone or not

  11. Joey Smith says:

    hello. ive only had my iphone 5c for two months now, and already have been experiencing some issues. whenever i plug in my phone, it just doesnt charge. but at some vertical angles, it charges on and off, but whenever it stops charging it just keeps spamming me with the “This accessory may not be supported” notification, even though im using the charger cord and port that came with the phone. any help?

  12. Jen says:

    When I plug my phone in or attach to computer via lightening cable, my phone detects it but doesn’t charge, I have replaced the lightening cable and that didn’t help. I find it will start to charge after a few attempts or if I leave it for a few hours. Has anyone had this problem?

  13. Damien Driscoll says:

    Hi, My iphone 4s has recently started causing trouble. I bought it 4 years ago in the apple store in New York and is opened to all networks. all along i was with Vodafone Ireland and due to mounting bills i decided to move to tesco mobile. almost straight away i experienced problems with my phone stitching between mobile data and wifi and sometime it cant even find the wifi. also the back of the phone i have noticed has started getting really warm . sometimes i switch on the phone and it finds wifi, logs on and then instantly logs off and on to mobile data 3g and after a few minutes it goes to an “E” symbol and takes forever to load. any idea what is wrong and how can i sort it? any help would be appreciated, iv tried resetting the phone, resetting factory settings and restoring through i tunes and on the device itself. my girlfriend also have a 4s and no problems

  14. Keely says:

    My IPhone 4 has recently just stopped charging. I didn’t do anything. I came home after school and plugged it in to the computer to charge, but it wouldn’t. I tried using a different source, my radio, and it seemed to go down in power. I’ve been frantically looking online for what to do but from what I have tried, nothing seems to work. I’m starting to think I should give up and bring it to the store. Should I? Is there anything else I could do?

  15. Iphone support says:

    Hello, I am having iOS8 in my iPhone;don’t know why it is giving battery problem. After long hours of charging when I unplugged the charger, in few hours the battery again goes down rapidly. Not sure what to do,reading this blog, I just turned Auto-play off, automatic updates off, connectivity and other background apps off. Hope it would help me.

  16. Steve says:

    My iPhone 4s only charges to 4 % and then stops charging if I power off it charges to 100% I think it charges to 4 % from flat then switches on and stops charging This started happening after an update but the latest update hasn’t fix it.


  17. nando says:

    Hi my iphone turn off 7 sec after i press the on button. The same thing happen when i charge. How ever it seems that the iphone doesn’t show when it is charging. Is the motherboard broken or something

  18. David says:

    So, my phone died last night and I didn’t have a charger available. Tonight I plugged it in and it took almost 4 hours for it to get enough charge to turn on. It first boosted up to 6%, but after coming back to it a few minutes later it dropped down to 4% but sowed that it was still charging.

  19. Jim says:

    A friend has a 5c and when using both her car charger and battery case, the screen gets enlarged only when these chargers are plugged in. I don’t think either is certified…are there settings or is there anything else that can be done to allow these chargers to work?

  20. Jodi says:

    My iphone 5c is only about 7 months okd and not long after I updated to ios 8 even after being on the charger all night I wake up to it having 1% and the most I am able to get it to charge to is 3% plus it will not work at all while it is charging. Iv tried several other iphone 5 chargers that work on other people’s phone but mine will not charge.. Any help would be very appreciated.

  21. Steve says:

    To turn off parallax view to save battery, don’t you have to switch the reduce motion switch to on?

    Also, is there a way to control whether the iPhone 6 turns off or not when pulling out the charging cord? Mine turns the phone on automatically which is annoying.

  22. abhishek says:

    i have an iPhone 5 .. m facing charging error(certified cable) but i have original cable nd charger … i m not able charge my phone when it is turned on.. it only charge it when it is turned off..
    pls help.
    tried everything …
    > using new certified apple cable ..with new charger .
    > restored to iOS 8.0.2
    >reset all setting ..
    still nothing is working .!!!!

  23. Choong Hou says:

    My iPhone 6 charges as per normal with the lightning symbol next to the battery icon until 100%. Normally at this stage, it would change to the plug symbol to indicate that the battery is fully charged. However, I have charged it several times, even overnight, and the symbol refuses to change from the lightning to the plug. Help?

  24. Nilesh says:

    Today morning when phone was off because of discharging won’t able to start charging again.

    Till Yesterday phone battery backup was good as well as charging also good but suddenly today when phone was switched off it’s not able to start charging.

    I also went to Apple store and tried to charge with original cable but bad luck it’s not started charging. So please suggest me any solution.

    • Whatever100 says:

      Are you FU&KING KIDDING ME?!! Buy more accessories? For old phones that were just fine prior to this update? People should be “all over” Apple and demanding that we be allowed to return to 7. I blame Verizon for not taking up for its customers. The cell carriers are trying to separate themselves from phones that THEY PUSHED. Ugggh!!!! Iphone 8 is a piece of shlt that we didn’t even need!!

  25. Fabi says:

    I’ve had my iphone 5 for a while now . I had to buy like 2 chargers now . I’ve Noticed that even with my charger plugged in the battery just goes down . Whats wrong ? Is it the battery ?

    • Irvin Huang says:

      Hi Fabi,

      That sounds unusual, can you describe your case in more detail on your facebook page? If you provide a picture, maybe we can help you visually inspect the charger. Was it a cheap knock off charger?

      Hope Chargeall can help,
      Irvin H.

      • Sue A. says:

        I just purchased Iphone 6 this past Saturday. It’s only Tuesday and I am not able to charge my phone with the charger that came with the phone! It’s telling me “this cable or accessory is not certified and my not work reliably with this Iphone”. What? It came in the Apple box with the Apple phone!
        I feel your pain Irvin. I am seriously thinking about switching to an Android.

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