Wireless Phone Charging Kiosk – CK5


Wireless Phone Charging Kiosk – CK5

The world’s most advanced phone charging kiosk. Featuring Qi wireless technology, secure locking doors, a robust advertising system, touch screen customer data capture display, full remote control and 365/24/7 customer service, it's simply the best. 50% off sale price is available for floor sample model. Custom charging stations are also available. Contact us for more information.

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You asked. We listened. Introducing the world’s most advanced phone charging kiosk. It’s more than just a simple charging station, it’s a business opportunity and a money making machine for advertisers. It features 5 charging bays, all with the Qi wireless standard and different charging tips to support a wide variety of tips. Feel more secure when you’re at the mall or airport and leave your phone charging while you shop around or relax somewhere else. Our fast charging technology will get your device up and running in no time and ready for you to go about your day. Learn more about this product below.

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in

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Secure Phone Charging Kiosk ChargeTech

ChargeTech CK5

The World’s Most Advanced Charging Kiosk

5 Individual Lockers – Perfect for high traffic areas to prevent mobile device theft. Able to fit multiple phones and tablet PCs in each locker. Features LockSafe integration.

Universal Charging Capability – Apple iPhone/iPad, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Nintendo, Android, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, Amazon Kindle and Thousands More!

Advertising Platform – Stream video commercials with fully programmable content, run customer surveys, collect e-mails, and engage the users.

Credit Card/Bill Acceptor Payment – Choose a payment price of $1-$5. Customers can swipe their payment card of choice or pay with bills.

Fully Customizable Graphics – Promote your company name and logo. Or choose from hundreds of different finishes. The possibilities are endless.

ChargeFast and Wireless Charging Technology – 2x Faster with optional Qi wireless charging. The future is here.

Easy to Operate – Touch screen interactive display

Thousands of More Features! – Gather real-time analytics. Full remote access.


We know what you’re looking for. A high-end, reliable, secure phone charging kiosk
with advertising capability. That’s right… we listened to everybody, both business owners and their guests. They were tired of these poorly manufactured units that couldn’t deliver the features they needed. This platform is so technologically advanced, we’d love to tell you more.

Customer Shots

Secure Locking Phone Charger

Cell Phone Charger Setup

Locking Cell Phone Charger

Wireless Phone Charging Kiosk for Malls

Phone Charging Kiosk for Tradeshows

Power Charger Vending Machine

Product Features


Secure, Individual Locking Doors

No expense spared. This high end phone charging kiosk is built solid from the ground up. Manufactured using commercial grade steel and aluminum components. Each individual locking door also has tempered glass to allow for easy viewing and access. Need something more compact? View our entire line of phone charging stations.

Works with All Mobile Devices

Compatible with everything from the Apple iPhone and Android to Amazon Kindle and even Nintendo DS. It charges thousands of different mobile devices! It even has a USB plug to use your own charging cable. No matter how big or how small, our charging kiosk can accommodate your mobile device charging needs.



Advanced Video Content Upload

Be a part of our digital signage network or choose your own videos. Upload multiple videos to display at different times and days. Best part of all, everything can be done remotely. Our charging kiosk can be a revenue generator for business partners. Sponsors, both regional and national, choose their content to display.

Paid or Free Charging

A charged cell phone is priceless. How do we call our family and friends,answer e-mails or log onto Facebook? Features both a bill acceptor and credit card swipe for teenagers and adults. Program how long a patron can charge their phone and how much it’ll cost. Choose from $1 to $5. Our phone charging kiosk is the next ATM machine. It’s a cash-flowing, money making life saver.



Patented Qi Wireless Charging

The future is here. In the next 3-5 years, the majority of cell phones will be wireless charging capable. Stay ahead of the curve with our patented Qi wireless charging bays. It’s as easy as dropping your cell phone onto the rechargeable mat.

Gather Customer Data

Be your customer’s best friend, and know them inside and out. Connect to a nationwide network of phone charging kiosks. You can receive regular reporting to know how many people charged their phones in any given time. $1 too inexpensive? or $5 too expensive? Gather real customer data to know how your customer is interacting with the machine. Even collect their e-mail addresses and promote your Facebook or Twitter.



Create Questionnaires & Surveys

Perfect for bars – What is your age? What is your favorite beer/alcohol? Where are you most likely to drink? Perfect for shopping malls – What is your favorite store? How do you feel about XYZ’s current Spring/Fall collection? Are you more likely or less likely to purchase? Create a custom survey before patrons charge their phone; the possibilities are endless.

Full Design Customization

Promote your company name and logo with full graphics or choose a simple design to match your decor. Each charging kiosk can be dressed to impress in a variety of different finishes. Stainless steel, wood finish, matte black, faux leather, and an unlimited color selection.



24/7 Remote Access

Know the status of your charging kiosk any time of the day; this makes maintenance and upkeep extremely easy. On-site technicians can also be provided secure access to the charging kiosk to handle any type of situations that arise.

Advanced Analytics Data Reporting

Manage a system wide network of phone charging kiosks remotely. Know how often your phone charging kiosks are being used, who’s using your phone charging kiosks, what advertisements are being displayed and retrieve customer survey information. Make changes in real time with the click of a button.



Easy to Operate

An intuitive touch screen display that can be programmed for different languages. Cell phone charging is now made simple for people of all ages. The low battery problem can be a stressful situation, our interface makes it easy.

Color-Changing LED Status Indicators

Green means the charging bay is available, Red means it’s currently being used and Blue means plug in your device. It’s that simple and easy to use.


The ChargeTech CK5 is a revenue generating machine. It’s much more than just a cell phone charging kiosk. Features include a robust advertising platform, customer data capture, full remote control and 365 days a year, 24/7 on-site technical support.

Where Can You Use ChargeTech?


School Libraries and University Lounges

Students are one of the most demanding technology users. From downloading course books on an Apple iPad or Amazon Kindle to communicating with faculty through their cell phone texts & e-mails, staying charged and connected is important. A secure charging kiosk will allow students to lock their device and not have to worry about theft.


Bars and Restaurants

Where can you really go to charge your cell phone? Thousands of people everyday are saying “My Cell Phone Died”. Imagine the business opportunity? A customer walks into your bar and restaurant to charge their phone, buy food or drink. That’s why business owners love ChargeTech. Place our “Free Cell Phone Charging Station” front door sticker at your bar and you’ll notice an increase in foot traffic and sales. It’s also the perfect opportunity for advertisers to promote your company name and logo.


Movie Theaters and Cinemas

Imagine charging your phone while you watch a movie. Or engage your audience with streaming video commercials and trailers. Hollywood studios can promote their next upcoming movie, collect customer e-mails and run surveys/questionnaires. Custom wrap each kiosk in the next big blockbuster film.


Hotel Lobbies and Conference Rooms

Did you know that the number one most left behind item is a cell phone charger? Keep your guests happy with something everyone can appreciate. Perfect for lobbies, conference rooms and high traffic areas. Provide a free service or charge your guests to use the service. Our cell phone charging kiosk lockers can also be integrated into different beautiful displays.


Shopping Mall Retail Displays

Attract more customers. Shop while you charge. Did you know that guests are more likely to purchase while they charge their phone? Think about this, remember when Starbucks use to charge for Wi-Fi? Now they provide the service for free, because they make more money selling coffee and keeping guests in their store. Each charging kiosk can be integrated as well.


Gyms and Fitness Centers

Charge up while you stay in shape. A great opportunity to promote meal and fitness plans, training sessions, supplements and membership renewals. Each charging kiosk can be remotely controlled to show your latest video commercials. Real time data and analytics lets you know just how often people are using your phone charging kiosk.


Convenience Stores and Vending Machines

ChargeTech phone charging kiosks are the ATM and vending machine of the future. It’s the perfect companion for people on the go and need a quick charge. Did you know that over 90% of Americans own a cell phone? People use their cell phones for everything and staying connected with family and friends is the most important. It’s a great way for business owners to generate additional revenue through the bill acceptor and credit card swipe.


Casinos and Five Star Resorts

Keep your guests gambling and enjoying their vacation experience. Imagine someone running back up to their hotel room to charge their phone. It’s a big deal and inconvenience for your guest, you just lost their business. Casinos and Five Star Resorts do a great job of catering to their guests with complimentary beverages, luxury toiletries and 24/7 concierge. ChargeTech’s phone charging kiosk is the most advanced platform in the world and perfect for your high end resort.

Everyday, thousands of people around the world are saying ‘my cell phone died’. In fact, over 90% of people own a cell phone, take advantage of this opportunity.

Business Opportunity

Place Charging Kiosks Everywhere

Alright, you’re excited as we are. You know that one day, public cell phone charging stations are going to be in every restaurant, bar, coffee shop, hotel, trade show and university in the world. Now is your opportunity to a pioneer in the fast growing mobile technology market. Our phone charging kiosk is a great way to create a passive, income stream. It’s similar to owning ATM or vending machines, but much more profitable and less maintenance. Practically everyone has a cell phone, and everyone needs to constantly charge it. E-mail us at resellers@chargetech.com to learn more.

Own an Advertising Network

Broadcast to millions of people around the world. This isn’t just a cell phone charging kiosk. You may be asking, what if Starbucks and McDonald’s offers free wireless phone charging in the future? Great! Because ChargeTech isn’t going to be obsolete in a couple of years. Why? Because it’s a safe and secure phone charging solution versus leaving your phone unsecured on a table. You can engage your customers through the touch screen interface and collect valuable data. You can also stream video advertisements to millions of people around the world and custom wrap each kiosk in your customer’s graphics. Sell advertising to both local and national sponsors.


Product Specifications

Dimensions – 80.7″ high x 19.7″ wide x 11.8″ deep. Base 27.6″ wide x 19.7″ deep. Locker Size 5.9″ high x 11.8″ wide , weight - 165.3 lbs

More Information

Manufacturing and Lead Time - All charging kiosks are custom made. Typical manufacturing and lead time is 30-60 days.

Made in France & USA, not Made in China. So technologically advanced and reliable, we offer full technical on-site support. Yes, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is the high-end charging kiosk solution.


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